Saturday, August 2

Promo Mix for Decibel Festival / Deep N Bass

Promo mix for one of the gigs I'm playing at Decibel Festival in September.  More info can be found here.

Saturday, July 19

ST Holdings closing and the future of vinyl

No doubt by now, you'll have heard that our former distributor, ST Holdings, is to cease trading at the end of July.  It's a big shame that such a prestigious distributor has now gone.  What the knock on effects will be for record labels still trying to push physical product will be, remains to be seen, but any way you look at it, this isn't good news.  It's getting harder and harder to sell records and more and more labels are turning to the self-distribution route via their own manages stores.  The problem with this method is that postage has become an absolute farce.  It now costs more than the record is worth to post it from most countries, which is putting a lot of people off.  This has been the main reason why Auxiliary hasn't gone the DIY route yet, but it's almost inevitable at some stage I feel.

We'll continue to put out vinyl with our new distributor, SRD, but it really seems like the clock is ticking until conventional distribution methods can't sell enough to the handful of big online stores left.  Frightening times for vinyl lovers and collectors, but we'll ride this wave until it's no longer possible.

Anyway, I want to end this post by thanking everyone who worked for ST Holdings that helped make Auxiliary the label it is today.  For that, they will forever have my respect and gratitude.

30 From The Shelf Mix

So it's taken me a long time, but I finally got around to finishing a 'mix' for a series started by Sam KDC last year, called 30 From The Shelf. Sam's original idea was to pick 30 tracks from his vinyl collection and record a mixtape-like selection, hence the inverted commas around mix. The plan was to do it for Record Store Day this year, since Sam did his for the same event last year.  I kinda missed the deadline though heh... Track listing is complete and full of information should you want to hunt down anything played in the mix. Be warned though, it's mainly indie, shoegaze and all other weird kinds of music that I'm into. Enjoy! - ASC


Sunday, June 1

ASC Ambient LP Trilogy - Digitally available

Silent Season have decided to make my three ambient LP's digitally available. You can now download the trilogy in the choice of your format. Your support is always appreciated!

Here's some links for quick access:

Tuesday, May 13

ASC & Sam KDC - Auxcast Volume Two Promo Mix

Me and Sam decided to put together a promo mix featuring some of our favourite tunes that we've featured in Phase Two of the Auxcasts.  Have a listen at the link below.

Monday, May 5

Auxiliary T-Shirts

Quite a number of you were asking when we'd do a rerun of our first design (black shirt with orange/white logo print) and we're please to announce we're now taking pre-orders for a final run of this design.

If you want to grab one, head over to our Bandcamp store:

Saturday, May 3

Thursday, May 1

AUXCD007 - Auxcast Volume Two

Audio now up for Auxcast Volume Two.  Pre-orders start 02/05/2014.  Full release 12/05/2014. 

Have a listen here:

Wednesday, April 23

Truth Be Told Preview

"Presales start on May 15th. There will be 400 CDs available. Each CD will be in our traditional recycled jacket, color insert, stickers, and hand numbered."

Sunday, April 13


Auxiliary is now on Bandcamp.  Add this to your bookmarks.

Monday, April 7

An ethnographic and technological study of breakbeats in hardcore, jungle and drum & bass

Jason Hockman is the author behind this fantastic piece that goes in depth (and then some) about the beginnings of Hardcore music in the UK, how it blossomed into Jungle and then became Drum & Bass.  I was asked to take part in this and had a lot of fun doing so.  I've linked to an article on Organic, in which Jason talks about the thesis in depth and provides a download link.

Make yourself a cup of tea and spend some time with this; It's a very rewarding read.