Monday, January 19

AUXTR013 - Method One - Out Now

AUXTR013 - Method One - Blackwood EP.  

Available now:

Tuesday, December 30

Last post for 2014

I figured I'd write a little something since I'm sat here with flu and a shitty sinus infection, which is hanging on for what seems an eternity.  

Monday, December 15

Gear Talk #5. Synth Sense / Vermona PERfourMER MkII

(Words by Synth Sense)

We are no strangers to the Vermona company, already owning a Retroverb Lancet (Filter/Spring Reverb) and a DRM1 MKII (analog drum synthesizer). The PERfourMER does what it says on the tin, it performs!

Sunday, November 2

Friday, October 24

ASC - Live @ Decibel Festival, 26/09/14

Audio is available from my set that I played at the Silent Season label showcase night at Decibel Festival last month.  Silent Season have added it as part of their ongoing Campfire Stories mix series.  Check it out here:

Tuesday, October 21

Last week of our vinyl & CD sale!

That's right - the sale will be over and done with on October 28th.  From that point, all physical stock will be removed from the site or listed as sold out, due to the fact that Sam will be moving to Spain and all the remaining stock left over after this sale will be at his place in the UK until we work out what to do with it.

So don't hesitate and treat yourself to some cheap vinyl and CD before it's too late.

Tuesday, October 14

Sam KDC - The Order & The Entity

Sam's next release is out on October 27th on 12" vinyl and digital, in the form of a new EP entitled 'The Order & The Entity'.  Have a listen here:

Digital pre-order available here:

Tuesday, October 7

Big Auxiliary Vinyl and CD SALE!

Heads up - BIG Auxiliary sale on remaining vinyl and CD stock!

Stock is very limited. Most items there are 20 or less, some even as many as ONE copy! Prices are cheap, so if you need to fill spaces in your Auxiliary collection or want to start an Auxiliary collection, then don't delay - sale ends October 28th.

Thursday, October 2


With the afterglow of Decibel Festival still in my mind, I thought I'd make a quick update post about all things related to myself and Auxiliary, since it's been a minute.  First of all, massive thank you to Decibel Festival for having me out to play two gigs.  It was my first time in Seattle and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, even if I was totally sleep deprived!  Fantastic venue and fantastic people, who were very professional and accommodating.  I was just checking a recording I made of the set I played for the Silent Season showcase at Level 3 in the EMP Museum and it came out pretty well, so I may put that online sometime soon.  Of course, I'll update the blog and let you all know about it if/when it happens.

So what's next?  From myself, there's the small matter of my next album for Samurai Music, which is titled Imagine The Future.  We're trying to get this out before the end of the year, so hopefully we can still achieve that goal.  The masters have just come back from the 12" that will precede the LP, which will come in the form of a vinyl-only EP for Samurai's Horo imprint.  All four tracks on this are huge personal faves, especially Loophole, so I'm really excited to see this one out soon.

Auxiliary related, Sam KDC is up next on AUX011.  We had a small problem with the test pressing which means the release date has been pushed back from it's original date of October 20th to a new date of October 27th.  This 12" marks a daring new dark take on our signature sound from Sam, taking it into new territories.  Another record that I'm really excited to finally be releasing.

So after that, things are kinda up in the air.  There's plenty of plans but nothing set in stone just yet.  I'd imagine we'll at least get Episode Two of Phase Three out before year end and at a push, Episode Three.  We'll see though.  Until then, keep your eyes and ears primed and ready.


Thursday, September 18

Auxcast:Phase Three

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Wednesday, August 27

Nostalgia and its merits

I was finishing off a track earlier today and while it rendered, I had a search through some older work and had a listen.  I tend to always move on to the next project as soon as the current one is done; I never rest on my laurels.  While this is a healthy work ethic for me, I often forget about certain tracks I've finished.  When I say forget, I mean in the sense of remembering a certain emotion they provoke, or how a particular melody line went.  Upon rediscovering some older work, I often find myself questioning it and comparing it recent stuff.  Earlier, I was sat thinking 'Wow! How did I do this?" or "Is my new stuff as good as this was?".  It got me thinking to a piece I read on a similar topic which was written by Brian Eno.  I'll link it here if you'd like to read it.

I imagine this must be a common outlook upon returning to older pieces of work, especially when nostalgia kicks in and you remember a certain time or place that a piece may take you back to.  I agreed with Eno, but I think it was nice to come to the realisation myself, that it's not a bad thing to do this and question yourself in regards to your current work.  If anything, it can only serve as a way of maintaining quality control on your output. 

Anyway, just my incoherent thought for the day :)

Saturday, August 2

Promo Mix for Decibel Festival / Deep N Bass

Promo mix for one of the gigs I'm playing at Decibel Festival in September.  More info can be found here.

Saturday, July 19

ST Holdings closing and the future of vinyl

No doubt by now, you'll have heard that our former distributor, ST Holdings, is to cease trading at the end of July.  It's a big shame that such a prestigious distributor has now gone.  What the knock on effects will be for record labels still trying to push physical product will be, remains to be seen, but any way you look at it, this isn't good news.  It's getting harder and harder to sell records and more and more labels are turning to the self-distribution route via their own managed stores.  The problem with this method is that postage has become an absolute farce.  It now costs more than the record is worth to post it from most countries, which is putting a lot of people off.  This has been the main reason why Auxiliary hasn't gone the DIY route yet, but it's almost inevitable at some stage I feel.

We'll continue to put out vinyl with our new distributor, SRD, but it really seems like the clock is ticking until conventional distribution methods can't sell enough to the handful of big online stores left.  Frightening times for vinyl lovers and collectors, but we'll ride this wave until it's no longer possible.

Anyway, I want to end this post by thanking everyone who worked for ST Holdings that helped make Auxiliary the label it is today.  For that, they will forever have my respect and gratitude.

30 From The Shelf Mix

So it's taken me a long time, but I finally got around to finishing a 'mix' for a series started by Sam KDC last year, called 30 From The Shelf. Sam's original idea was to pick 30 tracks from his vinyl collection and record a mixtape-like selection, hence the inverted commas around mix. The plan was to do it for Record Store Day this year, since Sam did his for the same event last year.  I kinda missed the deadline though heh... Track listing is complete and full of information should you want to hunt down anything played in the mix. Be warned though, it's mainly indie, shoegaze and all other weird kinds of music that I'm into. Enjoy! - ASC